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  • Asian Whore Amy
    This is Hot Asian Amy, your favorite blogger (from Hot Asian Amy's Nectar and Tumblr).
    If you'd like to advertise here, contact me.
    This site is hosted by Namecheap. They offer cheap domain name registration, site hosting and email. Their terms do not preclude adult sites.

    Amy, from Hot Asian Amy's Nectar and Tumblr, is the 2011 winner of Randy's Asian Pussy Beauty Contest

    Hot Asian Amy

    Randy's Asian Pussy Beauty Contest
    This is a beauty contest in two categories.

    To enter the personal category, please send me a photo (in .jpg or .png format). Entries in this category should be at least 400 pixels wide. Bigger is better but the file size should be under 1 meg. If you submit a photo you are giving me the right to post it and certifying that you have the right to do so. If you want to be anonymous, that's OK. Pornstars and models should enter the personal category. You can either be anonymous (see if they recognize you!) or not.

    To enter the favorites category, just send me a link to your favorite asian pussy out there on the web. Please just send a URL. It should look like http://myfavoritepornsite.com/pussy.jpg. I would also like to know the website on which the photo appears (something like http://myfavoritepornsite.com/hotasianpussy.html) this is not always obvious from the photo URL).

    You will get one year of advertising here (sidebar at left, where Mariko is now) and on Asian Pussy (sidebar at right). The width is 240 pixels. You send me the code and I put it up, but it's your content and links. I reserve to right to not post malware or objectionable material.

    January 25, 2012. Entries sent while it is still Jan. 25 somewhere in the world will be accepted (10:00 am Jan. 26 UTC). Entries will be posted on the blog (Asian Pussy) after submission and voting will commence (by comments) as soon as they are posted.

    All entries should be sent to this special purpose email address: pussypics at randy4asians.com If you're interested but unsure, you don't have to send your photos in the first email! I'm happy to answer questions.